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Business Automation Technology in Scarborough

Automation Solutions

Simply IP Solutions
Automation Solutions in Scarborough
  • Automatic Lighting

    Save on energy costs be using our automatic lighting technology. Have the lights switch on and off as and when someone enters a room.

  • Temperature Control

    Control and monitor the room temperature automatically with temperature sensors and regulator systems which we can install for you.

  • Media Solutions

    We can provide you with a suite of business automation applications to help improve on productivity and business operations.

Automatic Business Operations

Simply IP Solutions
Lighting and Temperature Control

Lighting and Temperature

Control and monitor the temperature and lighting of any room by an iPhone app.

PA and Media Services Business Automation Services

PA and Media Services

We can provide an automation media suite application to make your life much easier.

Scarborough Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Get your home or workplace running automatically with automatic doors and heating.

Exclusive, Automated
Business Technology

Automated technology whether it's at home or in the workplace greatly improves on productivity and day to day operations, not to mention reduced energy costs and security. With controlled access systems, door entry facilities and lighting and temperature control, you can create a smooth running of your business premises.